It’s a multipurpose post this time.

DH, Mr. Vice President, on Halloween.  I don’t know why the caption doesn’t show up!  Is he a scotsman dressed as a gorilla, or a gorilla dressed as a scotsman??

More on socks:  I made the kilt hose DH is wearing in the photo.  They were fairly quick to make, the pattern can be found in the archives of  But — because they use a large size of needle and worsted weight yarn DH tells me they’re not very comfy to wear if one is standing/dancing for a long period of time due to the knobbies of the purl stitches inside the sock.  My friend suggests wearing hiking liners inside the socks, but that seems to me to defeat the purpose of handknit socks — custom fit comfort.  I have found this to be so on the socks I just made for myself as well, they are comfy as bed socks but I’m not sure I would want to wear them out on one of my going to town expeditions…too lumpy even with two layers of yarn as a buffer.

Anniversary:  Halloween was our 7 year wedding anniversary (no, we didn’t plan a Halloween wedding.  A hurricane made that choice for us), and 11 years of being together.  Wow.  Numerologically and psychologically speaking we’re in a whole new era of our married life now.

Birthdays:  Oldest son turned 25 the same day his wife left him and went back to her parents’ house.  Ouch.  He tells me he is doing ok, cleaning and organizing and working many hours to keep busy.  I worry.  It’s my job, I’m the mom.  Middle son turned 23 the same week, he is working two jobs just to stay afloat.  He has bald spots from being so stressed he pulls his hair out.  I worry.  It’s my job, I’m the mom.  Youngest son turned 21 also the same week (they’re two years apart, within 6 days of the same day).  He still isn’t speaking to me; I’m assuming he’s doing alright since my sister hasn’t called me to ask for bail money or anything (he lives with her).  I worry.  It’s my job, I’m still the mom even to the kid who won’t speak to me.

Children related worries are directly related to the economy, which are indirectly and directly related to peak oil.  I’ve told them it’s OK if they come home, if they need to come home, it’s not their fault.  They can’t control the economy.  They can’t control the prices of things.  Plus, frankly, I’m not going to be spry enough to paint the house and do the roof myself forever.  They nod and agree that it doesn’t mean failure, but they hope it doesn’t come to that.  I am not sure they’ve figured out that, all things considered, even if they need to drive more to get to a part time job if that’s all they can afford, it still means less income outflow for basic needs in the long run.  Ah well.  We’ll celebrate Thanksgiving together, we can talk about it then I hope.  And I pray they won’t think of me as their crazy mom when we do.

Planted one bed with winter crops:  winter lettuce, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.  The weather has been kind of freaky, and although we had one week of fall like weather, it’s been back to the 90’s during the day so I am still getting tomato and eggplant blossoms…although I’m not holding my breath that the fruit on the eggplants will actually mature.  Damned javelina rampaged through my yard and got the last crop.  DH is on board for electrified poultry/goat netting, thank the Gods.  It’s pricey but it’s effective and we can take it down in favor of real fence in a couple of years.

Two days until the election.  I don’t like either candidate.  We need a candidate who will say we need to shore up our infrastructure and look after ourselves first!  Somehow I don’t think either will make more than a passing show of an attempt at that.  It’s a sad thing when choosing a candidate has come down to ‘which candidate do I hate less…which candidate will do less harm’ as a way of voting.  I don’t think either will pay attention to the implications of the Financial Times’ article just published and reviewed at Casaubon’s Book by the brilliant Sharon Astyk.  If I actually knew how to link directly to the post I would, but you can read it by looking through this past week’s archives — I have a link to her site here.

Still waiting for Lehman’s to get their Best Grain Mill back in stock!!!

I’ve been putting off getting a Berkey water filtration system but it’s time.  We have piped water, but the quality is WAY down lately and it tastes like rotting plant matter.  It may not kill me but I really don’t want to drink it — and if it tastes that bad, what’s in it that I can’t taste???

So.  Who else is feeling like they are not NEARLY prepared enough for the continued crises coming our way???

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