Sometimes mistakes are good.

Mr. TFH and I were told by an estimator for our gutter installation that we would need to paint the eaves before the gutters were installed; we already knew this but having it said out loud put urgency into the need; I painted the back and front last week (still have the sides to go but there aren’t gutters going up there).  Well, we repainted it the ORIGINAL color of forest green, NOT the slate blue crap color it is now.  Somehow, although the estimator had written down the correct color when he came out to finalize the estimate and get our down payment, the crap slate blue remained the color listed for the gutters.

The installers came out this morning, right as scheduled, with the crap slate blue loaded.  Now, those of you who know me might be thinking that this could get ugly…well actually I was relieved.  I haven’t finished even getting all the rain barrels yet, let alone installing the hardware needed to make them usable.  So.  They’ll be back out next Tuesday, and I now have a fire lit under my behind to get busy and finish the barrels!

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