Critical thinking…lost art. Common sense…not so common.

Now, let me preface this by saying I am voting for my friend Justin for president; I just can’t hold my nose and vote for either candidate.  They are two sides of the same coin in my opinion, they both voted for FISA, they both voted for Iraq, they both voted for the bailout.

That being said, I’ll get to the reason for my post.

I received an chain email from a Pagan friend the other day,  blaming everything that has happened in this country in the last 8 years — more specifically the last 4 — on the Democrats.  The last line in the email urged me to vote McCain/Palin.  I was astounded that this woman, who is anything BUT a conservative as they are described these days, would send me such an email!  Why would someone belonging to a nonmainstream religion, who has personally experienced persecution as a direct result of her religion, urge me to vote for a ticket with members with religious ties that directly advocate violence against people who don’t belong to their religion?  I am speaking of Palin, who belongs to the Assemblies of God church — she had an African minister who is proud of the fact that having personally decided a woman in his village was a witch, proceeded to persecute her, convince the other villagers this woman was the cause of all their misfortune due to her witch status, and get the townspeople to threaten physical violence against this woman in order to make her leave town…Palin specifically asked him to pray over her that no acts of witchcraft could harm her.  THIS is the vice president my Pagan friend wants me to vote for???  Is she f*cking kidding me??  This church has made it its open mission to involve itself in politics in order to force their view of how the world should be run, and what religion everyone can practice down the public throat at large.

Case in point number two:  I work at a medical facility.  At lunch our designated city police officer was watching the debate and mentioned to someone else there he won’t vote for Obama because he “is afraid we’ll end up with socialized medicine.”  I stopped what I was doing midstream and asked him, “Why?  You’re socialized — we pay for security and public safety with our taxes.  What’s wrong with that?”  He didn’t answer me but he had the most surprised look on his face. I don’t think anyone had EVER pointed out that little detail to him before.  Later, right before he left, I asked again “If John McCain says socialized medicine is so bad for us, why has he benefited from it his whole life?  Why is it OK for him and not for us?”  Again no answer. This same police officer has also mentioned that he doesn’t want his taxes to go up…well, if you want a raise or to continue to have retirement maybe you’d better rethink that position sir.  And by the way, are you planning to have medicare and/or social security when you retire, Mr. Police Man?  Guess what — both are socialized programs.  So is public safety retirement — the money you pay into it instead of paying into social security comes from the taxes we pay to support you.

I just simply don’t understand why people don’t think things through.  Neither one of these positions makes any sense to me on the face of them; I would love to sit down with both of these individuals and ask them why they take the positions they do.  It seems so directly against self interest in both cases to make these statements!

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