Well, we’ll see how this works…

My husband has been telling me for well over a year to get a blog, but I was happy with my little blog on Tribe.net.  Well, that seems to be going the way of my summer garden, so I decided to start one elsewhere.  This is it — for now.  I don’t know how well wordpress will work, or how much it will end up costing for me to use it if I publish regularly.

I live in semi northern Arizona, in a subdivision that went bankrupt in the 70’s so the originally intended senior living isn’t.  It’s mostly middle to lower income families, many of whom have less than a high school education, and the opportunities here aren’t many if you don’t own a car that gets decent gas mileage.  Still, it’s quiet, it’s about an hour drive to everywhere I go, and I can do what I like with my house.  I have good neighbors, and the climate is pretty mild.

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